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Update: Since DSM 7.x, vDSM does support the installation of Synology MailPlus Server natively. No freaking hacks as described below are necessary anymore!

Synology: Installing MailPlus Server on vDSM 6.x with Tux

Hey, my name is "Tux"! Did you ever wonder how you can install Synology MailPlus Server on vDSM?

Hey, my name is "Tux" and this tutorial will show you how you can install Synology MailPlus Server on vDSM 6.x by bypassing Synology's package install restrictions.

First thoughts

At the time of creating this tutorial, the installation and use of Synology MailPlus Server on vDSM 6.x and on DDSM 6.x is not officially supported by Synology (yet). Nevertheless it is still possible to do so. This tutorial will show you how.


Installing Synology MailPlus Server the way described in this tutorial, the update function (manual update and auto update) on Synology Package Center package will not work for the Synology MailPlus Server package. For every Synology MailPlus Server package update the following steps have to be repeated.

Start of tutorial


First of all download the according Synology MailPlus Sever .spk package from the Synology Download Center.
Now open the .spk file with 7-Zip and just drag and drop the INFO file onto your local computer (Beware: Do not close the 7-Zip archive yet!).
Now open the INFO file with a text editor like Notepad++.
Look out for the exclude_arch="dockerx64 kvmx64" line whoch holds the Synology device architectures not supported by Synology (dockerx64 obviously stands for DDSM architecture and kvmx64 stands for vDSM architecture).
Just delete those architecture values so that the new line looks like this:
Now save the file, quit the editor and drag and drop the customized INFO file back into the 7-Zip archive, confirm by clicking Yes.
Now close the 7-Zip archive.
Now login into the vDSM webinterface with an admin user, open the Synology Package Center and klick on Manual Install.
Click on Browse, choose the according .spk file and click on Next.
Confirm the warning message by clicking Yes and finish the installation.
Synology MailPlus Server is now installed and ready to use.

Migration via HyperBackup

In case you want to migrate (package migration) an existing Synology MailPlus Server installation to a vDSM instance this will obviously fail because of the package install restrictons mentioned above: The migration process only contains user data and settings but the Synology MailPlus Server package itself is being downloaded by the package manager which is restricted in this case.
Workaround: On the target system please install the Synology MailPlus Server first as described above and do the migration via HyperBackup afterwards. This way the automatic package installation will be skipped.

End of tutorial

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